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(510) 314-2432

Fremont, CA, USA


Student. Engineer. AI Enthusiast.



Former actor, dancer, and basketball player. 
Current coder.
Future dog-owner and movie producer.

Forever an explorer.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, then moved south to UCLA to study computers, statistics, and how to change the world. I enjoy coding machine learning algorithms to rap music, watching superhero movies, arguing about basketball, and dreaming (sleeping). 

My active goal is to equip myself with the tools of knowledge, and contribute to the field of artificial intelligence. I am passionate about learning how we learn, understanding how we understand, and applying it to advance human technology and reach. 

My passive goal is to bring this polarized world back together, inch by inch. The effects of division on human society are evident: hindering our progress as we fuss over the wrong things. True solution and effective ideas appear somewhere in the middle of compromise and empathy, rather than at either extremes. I carry this value with me as I try to maneuver this complex world.

Reach out! I would love to meet you!

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